Ahh I see you have finished first part of the game and now you are looking for continue? Well here you go, Earn To Die 2 is here, story continues and so does the new vehicles, new upgrades, new gadgets and new maps. As always gameplay is the same, you cover the distance and you get reward for each mile. In order to finish the game you will have to buy a lot of car upgrades (like better wheels, new engine, more fuel, rocket boosters, etc.), you will have to figure out how to overcome different obstacles with minimum effort, this way you can save more fuel.

Earn To Die 2Along the way you will have to face horde of zombies, you can buy machine gun for your vehicle and it will shoot off them and clear your path. You may also buy chainsaw, it will clear the way from different obstacles.

Game is really entertaining, it has storyline, it has awesome upgrades and other interesting features, awesome looking cars which is very important for those who enjoy car games.

Controls are super easy:

Up arrow key for acceleration
Left and Right arrow keys to tilt in different directions

Game is developed by Not Doppler and they have also made third part of the game, by the way you can play all three versions on our site if you want.

Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to leave comments below, share your experience, we would love to hear it.